3 Ways To Enjoy Social Distancing in the Time of COVID-19

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The COVID-19 outbreak, also known as the Coronavirus, has left the world in shock. Everything has changed overnight and social distancing has become the new normal, at least for a while. Needless to say, this virus has called for a tremendous amount of adjustment and personal changes in everyone’s life.

We are all being affected by this virus, and fear and panic is our natural response. Because no one has ever seen anything like this before. A virus that spreads like wildfire throughout the globe and affects millions. While governments and the medical fraternity are trying to figure out how to navigate through this global issue, we are being told to practice social distancing, which does not come naturally to us. It is difficult and distressing. Not being able to gather together but compelled to remain inside our homes and practice distance can be very uncomfortable.

We are physically distant, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot experience social nearness. When a crisis like this strikes us, it also provides extraordinary opportunities. Instead of becoming prey to any kind of news that pops up on our screens and turning to fear, we can channel ourselves to move towards acting in wisdom, creativity, and love.

Here’s how –

  1. Social distancing does not mean disconnection. Use creativity to connect with people

You don’t have to be by yourself during this time of social distancing. It is very important that we have family and our communities with us during this time to be able to get through it. Maintain distance at home with family, but do fun things together like play board games, watch movies, try out new recipes, etc. This is the best time to connect with your family and enjoy this downtime together. With other loved ones that are away, video call them from time to time, do something fun together online – play games, make music, read a book, learn a new language maybe!

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Photo by cottonbro (Pexels)
  1. Don’t let every news affect you

While it is good to stay informed, it is also necessary to not believe everything that’s out there about the virus. This only increases the level of paranoia, nothing else. Stick to news that have reliable sources and take the necessary precautionary measures to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe and healthy. DO NOT overthink. There has never been anything good that has come out of it.

  1. Use this time to do what you always said you wanted to but never had the time!

This is the best time to do all the things you have always wanted to do. You’ve now got the time you always say you never have, to do the things you say you never could. It could be taking guitar lessons online, or making music, or reading the books on your shelf that have been collecting dust for the past one year, or cooking, or sorting your wardrobe, or DIY craft, or anything really. So, get to it!

Let’s make social distancing a fun thing! Take heart, this too shall pass…

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Photo by cottonbro (Pexels)

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