Dahir Insaat Corporation: See how it envisions future lifestyles


The Russian based organisation called “Dahir Insaat Corporation” showcased some outstanding videos on how their architecture can change the world’s lifestyle. The videos posted by Dahir Insaat are quite interesting and shows how technology can build our future. The company envisions to build whole districts or even new towns using their ‘cast-in-place construction’ technique. Cast in place construction technique is a way of using concrete that is transported in an unhardened state, primarily as ready-mix, and placed in forms. The ready mixed concrete is proportioned and mixed off the project site.

Dahir Insaat combines the plus points of cast-in-place construction with the high quality ensured by factory production of the building’s architectural details.

Now that they have been hugely successful in the house construction business, Dahir Insaat has not turned its attention to public transport. They have revealed their thoughts and ideas about how the future of public transportation like buses, trains etc could look like and it is absolutely mind boggling.

The shape of the vehicles may seem odd but there is a purpose behind this design idea. The vehicles are gyroscopic shaped because this will enable them to avoid conventional traffic by simply travelling on top of other normal vehicles as the videos below will show you.

The central stalks containing the wheels enables the gyroscopic vehicle to run in between the lanes of traffic allowing them to pass other vehicles safely and without getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

The first video below shows how futuristic gyroscopic transportation can make travel easy in heavy traffic situations.

The next video shows how this transportation system can enable the vehicle to easily maneuver itself in a traffic jam in case of an emergency situation like a fire and reach its destination without adding to the chaos. This also shows how the firemen can easily reach out to the victims without having to use the normal means of having to climb up the ladder.

You like dining out? Well, Dahir Insaat wants to make it easier for you to dine out without having to wait much time for your food. This video shows how restaurants can be changed using this technology and how food can be ordered and served without human touch.

So you like to go hopping? It seems as if Dahir Insaat is looking into using technology even for shopping. They have an idea of how to do your shopping without wasting much time at physical stores and buying unnecessary products.  This is how future markets would look like according to Dahir Inssat! It does look interesting but personally. I believe in the old fashioned way of going inside the store and browsing for the things I am looking for and even the occasional impulse buy. This looks too cold to me.

If you or anyone of your family members have a job that requires constant transfers, then the transformer home is the one stop solution for you. It not only enables you to be in your own home in any place, it is also easily transported and constructed. Watch the video below for this thrilling idea.

The timeline as to how and when all these will be available is still not known.


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