Hey Girls, want to plop your curls ? Find out how below!

Plopping your curls is a new concept that is trending across the world and girls with naturally curly hair are loving the plopping. With the help of plopping, they can avoid using the hair dryer every time to dry their curls after a hair wash. And the best part? The after effects of plopping is fabulous hair the next morning.

So the next thing you might ask is how do you plop curly hairs ?

It involves putting your hair in a cloth which will act like an accordion and scrunch your hair by itself and it is a little different than just wrapping your hair in a towel. But don’t worry, it’s a very simple process and one which we will explain step by step with text, images and videos.

Step 1

On your wet hair, apply any hair styling products that you would generally use like a mousse or gel or leave in conditioner. Ensure that whatever hair product you use is evenly spread out all over your hair. You can do this by first finger combing your hair and then following it up with your regular comb.

curly hairs diy

Step 2

Place a large cotton tee-shirt on a flat surface in front of you like a low bed or shelves or chairs. Some people even swear that the toilet seat is also a great place to place the tee-shirt!

Step 3

Bend down to your waist while flipping your hair in front of you on top of the cloth. Lower your head slowly and gently towards the tee-shirt. This is to ensure that your curls get coiled and not tangled  or frizzy.

curly hairs diy

Step 4

Without moving your head, grab the bottom edge of the tee shirt and wrap it around at the base of your neck. While you’re holding the bottom edge, grab the top of the tee shirt and bring the neckline towards the base of your neck pulling the sleeves towards the sides of your head.

Step 5

Now, tie the sleeves in front and you will see that the tee-shirt has now become a turban. Tuck the tails inside the turban and any other excess fabric too so that the tee-shirt turban is in its proper place.

Step 6

Once your tee-shirt turban is created, you can go to sleep with the turban which will protect your curls as you sleep on them overnight. Don’t worry if it feels a little wobbly because it happens if you have long hair and it will stay put.

curly hairs diy

Step 7

When you wake up in the morning, you can take out the turban and you will see that your curls are dried, bouncy and frizz free.

curly hairs diy

Here is the video.


Credit: Donata White / YouTube


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