Cooking Made Super Easy With These 4 Hacks

Photo by Alyson McPhee (Unsplash)

For most millennials like me, cooking is the last thing we’re thinking of. There are so many other things in life that seem more important than cooking. One reason why this feeling is very prominent – we don’t really know how to cook because we never really want to. That interest in cooking never came about – to put in some hard work in the kitchen and prepare something when we have all kinds of deals and offers on the numerous food apps on our phones. But always eating out and ordering in food is also not so pocket-friendly, and we have to learn to cook from time to time.

But we want it to be easy and quick, and less work considering the busyness of life and well let’s be honest – the laziness that consumes us. So, here are a few cooking hacks that are lifesavers –

  1. You could use a daily meal service

If you are someone who doesn’t have the time to cook at all and has to depend on those food apps and eating out, you could consider a daily meal service that would be way cheaper and also healthier with home-cooked meals. There are a lot of meal services that are great and you could check them out!

  1. When you cook, cook extra

If and when you take the time to cook, make some extra food so that you can save for the next meal or the next day. Why let the effort for cooking last just for that one meal? Put the extra food in the refrigerator and there! You have your leftovers ready for your next meal or your lunch at work the next day.

Cooking Made Super Easy With These 4 Hacks
Photo by Kevin McCutcheon (Unsplash)


  1. Store iced cubes of flavors that you can readily use while cooking

This one’s interesting. Most of the cooking time goes into preparing those herbs and flavors that go into the main stuff. There isn’t always time to work on these herbs and flavors unless you’re really in the mood for cooking and you put on some music and start your preparations early (which is rarely the case). To speed it up, just take some of your herbs and spices and put them in ice cubes with some olive oil. Put the tray of these flavor blends in the freezer and when you need any of them, just pull the cube out of the tray and put it in the pan for your dish!

  1. Wet paper towels help things cool faster

Sometimes, we forget to make sure our drinks are stored to chill. This can be very annoying at times when you desperately want a chilled bottle of water or beer and it is sitting on your kitchen slab instead of your refrigerator. In situations like these, just take some wet paper towels, wrap your drinks with them and place them in the freezer for a few minutes. The wet paper towels help your drinks chill faster and you can have your wonderfully cold drinks in no time!

Put these hacks to the test and see which ones work the best for you! You never know, they might just make cooking fun for you.

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