Three best commenting system for your WordPress site

Commenting System

See the best commenting system WordPress offers for your website. WordPress  comes with an inbuilt comment system and needless to say it is quite effective. But the very problem with the basic WordPress commenting system is that it is not spam free and options are very limited. This post is for those people who are looking for an alternative to WordPress  comment system.

Comments are very vital for your site as it makes your site more interactive with the people visiting the site. Sometimes, you need to listen to what people think about your post, so comments posted on your site should be analyzed.

The first thing before choosing any plugin for your WordPress site is that you should ensure that the plug-in is user friendly because nobody wants to sign-up especially to write comments. If your site is quite popular then it makes sense to have sign ups based comments otherwise just avoid it.

Here we bring you just the top three free commenting systems so that there is less confusion.

Facebook comment system: This comment system is very popular these days because lots of people use Facebook and if they are logged in to their Facebook account, then there is no need to fill in the details, the user can just post their comments through Facebook. Easy and simple.

best commenting system wordpress Facebook comments

When you should choose this plugin ? When your website has most of the traffic coming in from Facebook, it just becomes easier for the user to post comments via Facebook because the user got the link from the Facebook and there is no extra hassle to go directly to the site to post comments.

When you should avoid this ? Facebook comment system is not good from an SEO point of view as the comments posted are stored in Facebook’s system and not on your website. If you are looking for organic traffic from Google, then you should look for something else.

Comments Evolved for WordPress: We have included this for a reason here, because it is the easiest to use and it’s compatible to most of the WordPress sites.  It  gives you many choices regarding the commenting system like Facebook, Disqus, Google+, WordPress  etc. The freedom this plugin gives is that you can toggle and try different comments system according to your suitability.

best commenting system wordpress Comments Evolved for WordPress

When you should choose this plugin ? When you want to setup your comments system really quick and have no time to spend searching for the best comment system. Further, this Comments system also gives you an option for Google+, which is good for SEO point of view and generating organic traffic.

When you should avoid this ? We have noticed that with some themes this plugin breaks and it sometimes does not show. If you have these kind of issues then it’s time to look for alternatives.

Disqus: Well this is the Big Daddy, the most used and sometimes the most hated too. One thing is sure, you can’t ignore this one from your list. This system has a lot of login option including social media login to post comments and not to forget, millions of people across the world trust it.

disqus wordpress

When you should choose this plugin ? If you are looking for a complete package that give years of expertise then this comment system is good enough to satisfy your wants.

When you should avoid this ?  This plugin is a bit heavy, so if your site is running on share hosting then be careful because it will cost you load time of your site. Since Disqus is quite popular,the maker has introduced advertisement and affiliated link which is not suitable for all.

Finally, which one is for you ?

Facebook traffic => Facebook Comment System

Organic Traffic from search engines => Comments Evolved for WordPress and use Google+

Want to give user lot of option to post comments => Disqus

best commenting system wordpress


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