You should see this if you want clean and soft towels

2. For Fresh Smelling Towels 

Fresh Smelling Towels

If you want you towels to be not just dry but smelling fresh too. Remember that just after the bath when your towel is wet, make sure you immediately hang them in open airy and dry area, so that all the moisture is removed. Why do you need to do this? Because wet towel is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and hence they give bad smell.


3. For Softer  and fluffy Towels 

fabric softener with white vinegar

Although there is no guarantee that fabric softener will soften your towels but if you use the fabric softener with white vinegar, then this combination works better for softening the towels.

In order to have fluffy towels, use two or three tennis balls in the tumble dryer while you are drying the towel. it may sound crazy but its true and it helps the cotton fabric to fluff up. Try it.

4.  Use some essential oils to get rid of mildew smell from the towels. 

essential oils

Even after a wash, there are some occasions when you feel that there is this strange smell that keep coming from your towel for days. To get rid of this, use one or two drops of essential oil in your detergent area of washing machine and voila, the smell is gone. Try this too!

Happy Cleaning!!



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