You should see this if you want clean and soft towels

To many people, it feels like heaven when they come come out of a bath and get a clean and soft towel. The clean and soft towel makes your day and you feel fresh and energetic.

But most of us are not satisfied with the towels because sometime they are smelly and sometimes so hard. These may be due to washing them in hard water.

Also if you do not change the method of keeping your towels, no matter how expensive a towel you buy, you will not have the satisfaction of always maintaining the freshness and softness.

So lets see what hacks or tricks can be used to get the soft and fresh towel you always wanted.

1. For odour and dirt free Towels 

white vinegar and baking soda

Don’t spend your money on expensive chemical based product, these will just ruin your towels. Instead use things which are easily available in your kitchen. Use a cup of diluted white vinegar which loading the towel into the washing machine. And when the first wash is finished repeat the cycle, this time with baking soda.

So why white vinegar ? Vinegar is acetic acid, which helps eliminate bacteria and moisture. And baking soda, helps remove the dirt and neutralize odours.

Keep in mind that this process should not be used on regular basis, fortnightly will just do fine. And you can try this with bed sheets as well.



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