How to change URL from non-www to www in WordPress

WordPress Settings

Converting non-www to www in WordPress is very easy and WordPress is everywhere used by very large blogs to just small blogs.

If you have read our article about deciding on how and what kind of URL you want to keep, www or non-www, then you must be wondering how to how change URL structure in WordPress and by default in WordPress the URL is non-www.

This means if you setup your website with default setting in WordPress then your URL will be without www i.e. like But if you want your URL to with www and look like this ‘’, then you just need to go setting and click on general setting.  There you can see WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL).

non-www to www in WordPress

After that, you need to add www in your URL address (note: that you need to keep the http:// intact. )

non-www to www in WordPress

This setting can also be using when you don’t want WordPress to be installed in the root directory. You can install WordPress in directory of your choice and keep the root clean.

Before you go and choose these settings, below are some pointers to consider:

  1. It affects the SEO of your website, so if your website is new, go ahead and do it now. But if your website is older, then make sure you tell Google (via search console) that you have changed the URL structure.
  2. Do not forget to go to setting> Permalink Settings > [select] Post name and click Save. This is important because it will rebuild your URL structure in WordPress.


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