4 Career Tips As You Get Ready For Your First Job

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The first job. It never seems to come to you easily – there is always some struggle and oh, the waiting period. That is just killing. And when it does appear in full form, it is not an easy decision to make. First, you keep waiting anxiously for the job to be made available to you, and when it does, that is the scary part.

There are so many things that you need to think about because a lot of your life at that point depends on this decision of whether you take the job or not. You need to weigh the pros and cons of it and see if you will be able to make it work and most importantly – how the job will help you advance in your career and not derail you.

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Here are 4 career tips that are important for you to consider before deciding on your brand new job –

  1. The work environment and culture

If you find the workplace stressful, then you might want to reconsider. It is very important for you – mentally and emotionally – to be able to have a work environment that is positive and encourages growth and maturity in your career. If it is the right opposite, then it has the capacity to only harm you and your career. This also includes the work culture – is it stressful with nothing else but just work? Is everyone respectful of each other and treat each other well? Do your potential co-workers have any time for fun and breaks? These are all important questions and you can do some research on the current employees and the boss to get some answers.

  1. Hours and flexibility

It is very important to know what your hours at work would look like. Some jobs require people to work extra hours over the standard 8 hours and some have the routine 8 hours with flexibility. Make sure you know your hours and what is expected of you so that you are able to see how it fits into your lifestyle, or if it were to change your lifestyle, how you would manage it.

  1. Future career opportunities

When you consider a new job, also consider the prospect of growing within the company/organization – does the workplace has career growth opportunities? Will you be able to advance to higher levels with your performance? If your workplace is small and stagnant with the same management for years, it would be difficult for you to advance and you might have to look for other jobs. But if your workplace has a good culture of growth with promotions, you’re at the right place!

  1. Salary

Money is important, but not the most important. That is why it’s put here towards the end. While you must get what you deserve for the work you put into, it is never the first thing you should consider. You can earn a lot of money and be uncomfortable in your workplace. But everyone has dreams that require money and well, the bills. Research on how much you should be getting paid for your position – find out from people, other companies/organizations that have a specific role as yours. Make sure, before you take the job, that your new job is paying you a salary that will be enough for you to be comfortable and give you the satisfaction.

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