3 Ways To Buy Less Clothes And Still Wear More

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Women LOVE buying clothes, because hey, we never have enough clothes. Right? It’s like every time we go shopping, we see something that would look so good on us and in our heads, we have already pictured wearing it to the various occasions they are fit for, and just can’t resist buying.

But what happens once we have bought clothes like these – a million times? They just sit in our wardrobes and stare at us as we stare back at them thinking – “What was I thinking being so impulsive?” And then of course the guilt creeps in. You know, the one where you’re like “I could have saved that money and done something useful with it” or “I don’t know why I keep doing this and waste money when I don’t even wear them much”.

3 Ways To Buy Less Clothes And Still Wear More 1
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

Here’s a mantra for you: Buy less. Make your own clothes. Wear more.

Let’s go over it, shall we?

  1. Buy less

If you see a dress that you really really adore and cannot resist buying it, think of the occasions you would wear it to. If it comes up to just once or twice a year, then don’t buy it. Keep away from the temptation. It is not worth it to buy something that you will wear just once or twice in the year and the rest of the time it just rots in your closet. How many of such clothes do you have anyway? Counting them now? Good, that will probably help in keeping you from buying more of such clothes.

  1. Make your own clothes

We don’t even think of this option anymore because we’ve become so lazy and well, who will go through the pain of buying cloth material and get them stitched when you have perfectly good stores that you can buy readymade clothes out of? Well, if you think about it, if you buy cloth material, it actually comes cheaper and you can design them however you like, which would be different than the monotonous styles the stores give. You could make your own fashion statement and save up on money too! Yes, it is a bit extra work you may need to put in, but it will be worth it.

  1. Wear more

Since we have established that you will able to save money by making your own clothes, you can wear more clothes! Those expensive ‘twice a year’ clothes hanging in your closet can amount to many more clothes that you can wear all year round! Yay to more clothes. Always.

So buy less, make your own clothes and wear more!


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