Find Out How Your Bum Shape Can Give You A Health Report

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio (Pexels)

All you ladies out there! Did you know that you can get an overall health status of your body just by observing the shape of you behind?! Yep, that’s right. The shape of your bum can give you a lot of health details that can leave you surprised (I sure was). Now that we’ve established this fact, let’s get into the details. I know you’re dying to find out.

So, listen up. There are apparently 4 main shapes – round, square, V-shaped and heart-shaped. And with every shape, there is, you can get to know how healthy you are on the whole.

Guess you knew about the types of bum shapes already, but how are these bum shapes are associated with health? You’re about to find out…

  1. Round shaped

Women with round shaped bums are considered to be healthy overall with no serious health conditions or issues. Your bum can even tell you if you’re smart or not because if you have a round-shaped bum, you are most likely a smart person.

  1. Square shaped

If you have a square-shaped bum, it may be possible that your immunity system is weak. You fall sick very easily and are generally weak when it comes to your health. Also, for women with square-shaped bums, the risks of heart attack are high because of the extra fat they carry around the hips.

  1. V-shaped

A V-shaped bum says that you are in need of good exercise and a lot of protein in your diet! This shape is generally found in women who are older, because of the change in hormones that a woman’s body goes through after a certain age. Aim for that round-shaped bum and start exercising!

  1. Heart-shaped

Ah, the heart-shaped bums. Men would know how much they love this shape. But women with this shape, you guys need to be careful! You are likely to gain some extra weight around your hips and bum, which is not good for your heart. You could develop some serious heart conditions. So keep yourself fit and be sure to make those regular body checkups so you can avoid any health issues. Keep your bum and your heart safe!

What an eye-opener this has been. Now that I think about it, it could be true that when men check out women’s bums, they could actually be trying to figure out how healthy those women are. You never know.

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