These Lipstick Trends That You Have To Try!

Photo by Oleg Magni (Pexels)

Ah, lipsticks. Nobody can deny that a lipstick applied to a woman’s lips can change the the way her face lights up in an instant! It is one of the most attractive products of make up that leaves you looking nothing less than glowing and glamorous.

These things are just magic. Even if you’re not into makeup or don’t know how to apply makeup like all those videos out there on the internet with pro make up artists, these sticks can make your face look effortlessly bright, and that makes you feel beautiful – and feeling beautiful is important. The different shades that match your clothes and skin tone and eyes and I could go on, the gloss, the sparkle, the matte…these things just make you fall in love with them over and over again, and then can you really say no to lipstick?

There are some lip trends currently in season to knock you off your feet! So, to contribute to the currents trends in fashion, here’s a list of the hottest lipstick trends you must try right away –

  1. Bright and Bold

Feeling bold and beautiful? Get those popping shades of red, orange, pink, and maroon. Get the bold you out in the sunshine and look fabulous! These shades do make you look confident as well.

  1. Bright Pink

Bright pink is a shade that you can never go wrong with. Be it any season or occasion, this shade is there for you. This flirty shade goes with almost any outfit and has such an attractive pop. Also, you don’t have to worry about your skin tone with this shade because again, it goes super well with any skin tone.

  1. Centre Dab

Ah, yes. Fuller lips. They are always a dream. A hack to getting the fuller lips is simple. Just take a bit of blush onto your finger and apply it to the top and bottom centre of your lips after you wear your lipstick. It will give you the desired look, trust me.

  1. A layer of Lip Gloss over your Lipstick

Applying lip gloss on top of your lipstick is super trendy and honestly, it looks great! That added shimmer glistens, and that’s more than enough for you to be crushing it with your bold and sexy look! You have to try it!

  1. Match your Lipstick with your Eyes

Matching your lip shade with your eye makeup has been a trend for a long time and continues to be, because it is such a great look and never goes out of style! Go all out and match your lipstick shades with your eye makeup for that wonderful bold look that highlights your eyes. Wearing the same shade as your eye shadow brings out the colour of your eyes as an added bonus to highlighting your lips.

These Lipstick Trends That You Have To Try! 1


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