Ads that describe the product so aptly

Some Ads describe product aptly that it is just so compelling to buy or send the desired message. We live in a world where we buy products based on the advertisements. Consumerism relies heavily on the world of advertisement. As a result great Marketing Directors are much in demand today and is a very popular job. To be a great marketing director, you need to be innovative, creative, full of ideas and the ability to know what the consumer wants. Great Marketing Directors are hard to find but judging from the following advertisements, we must say that the Companies have been bang on target.

1. Coffee and Wi-Fi? Your day is made I suppose.

Ads describe product aptly Coffee

2. Self assembling=Better prices. No one does it better than IKEA

Ads describe product aptly Self assembling IKEA

3. Your road trip won’t start unless the key is turned on.

Ads describe product aptly key is turned on Volkswagen

dahir insaat Gyroscope transport system

Dahir Insaat Corporation: See how it envisions future lifestyles

Did you know that there are places in this world where you can sleep in a bubble?