Shocking things you should know about bed bugs and see how to deal with it



Bed Bugs can give nightmare to almost everyone, at-least to me. There presence can give you sleepless nights and difficult part is that its not easy to eliminate them. These parasitic insects thrives on blood, yes they feed exclusively on blood. Cimex lectularius, the common bed bug, is the best known as it prefers to feed on human blood. Eww.

bed bugs

Here are some of the shocking things you should know about bed bugs

1. As their names suggest they mostly live in your beds. Warms houses, cozy warm beds are heaven for bed bugs.  They can be inside the bed, bedding etc. So watch out next time.

2. They are active in the night time. They look for us in the night, and astonishingly feed on us without being noticed. Creepy.

3. They have survived eradication by the Government in their countries specially developed. Due to developing pesticide development they have survived and can be found almost all corners of the earth.

4. Fertilized female bed bug is capable of laying three to four eggs in a days continuously end its lifetime. Surprisingly laying more then 500 eggs by one female bed bug.

5. It takes only few minutes for a beg bug to suck the blood for our body. As this usually happens in the night, no wonder they remain undetected.

6. They know that art of hiding. They can remain in your bed almost undetected. You would be surprised to know that they can live for almost five months without having anything.

bed bugs hiding in the mattress

7. If you were thinking to just throw away your furniture to get rid of these bed bugs. Sad new for you, this won’t help you. The new furniture would soon get the bed bugs. And they little blood suckers can be found in any time of furniture and not limited to beds.

8. So are they dangerous, somewhat yes and can give blood infection. And continuous exposure to them can lead to serous health problems.

bed bugs bites on legs

9. People who suffers from bed bug bites, they get the sensation of them in the house even if they are not there.

10. The fear is so much at some people recite this before they go to sleep : “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”.

So, now we are sure that we don’t want them in our houses, so how to get rid of them ?

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