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78 Sq Feet Apartment Transformed

Living in New York City is difficult. It’s extremely costly and you would probably have a difficult time trying to find a decent sized apartment which is cheap too. But sometimes, miracles do happen and you can find a small apartment to live in with cheap rent.


Meet Luke Clarke Tyler, a freelance designer who rents a studio in Manhattan. His apartment is considered to be the smallest apartment in New York. His entire apartment measures only 78 sq feet.


Living in such a tiny space can be uncomfortable for most of us but Luke has made the best out of his 78 sq feet space. Luke has transformed the apartment in such a way that he can not only live and work in the apartment but also entertain friends and family. Many of us would envy how Luke has transformed this tiny space.

Not only do the pictures of the apartment tell the wonderful story but watch the video below where Luke shows us around his apartment. It’s worth watching.



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