7 Body Language Hints That They Are Falling For You

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Body language is a major aspect in determining how people feel about things around them. It is inevitable for their bodies not to react according to their feelings unless they use conscious efforts to control their feelings and thus their body language.

Since body language mirrors one’s feelings, it is an amazing way to understand when a person falls in love, because obviously, their body language gives out major hints about the new budding romantic feelings tingling inside them.

Here are some of the most common hints that a person’s body will give out through postures and gestures to let you know that they really like you.

  1. The smiling doesn’t stop

There is a LOT of smiling. It never seems to stop. When a person who likes you is around you, they are happy and express it by smiling at you, a little more than you would expect but a little less than being borderline creepy. They probably cant seem to control their smile and are just too delighted to be with you.

  1. Laughing a lot

Your jokes won’t even be that funny, but they laugh for them every time! Your expressions and talks are too cute and adorable to them and they laugh because they think you’re funny and smart and they are just glad they can be around you and enjoy some good laughter.

  1. Lesser space between the two of you

Every time you meet, they sit closer to you because they don’t want so much space between you two, physically and emotionally. They want to be close to you because they are attracted to you and the sparks inside them see you as some magnet that they just can’t seem to stay away. Aww.

  1. Touching

You will also notice a lot more of touching. A hand around the shoulder, more hugging, touching your hand, etc. are signs that they enjoy physical touch, which is a very common love language.

  1. Staring

If a person starts developing feelings for you, it is difficult for them to focus on other things if you are around. Being in the same room makes it hard for them to breathe and you can find them staring at you, something they can’t help. They try to steal quick glimpses of you and when you look at them, they look away. So cute.

  1. Increased eye contact

Whenever they talk to you now, they make more eye contact. They like looking into your eyes and talking to you, it brings more meaning to your conversations and they enjoy admiring you as they fall deeper for you and your eyes.

  1. Tilting of the head

People say that tilting of the head while talking to a person means you are interested in the person and the conversation. If they tilt their head while talking to you, you know they like you a little more than normal.

Now you know how to understand those hints you’ve been getting. So connect the dots to a hopefully blossoming romance!

7 Body Language Hints That They Are Falling For You


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