These 3 Things Are A Must By The Time You Hit 25

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Turning 25 should be an accomplishment, definitely. It’s the age where you feel like an adult and are manoeuvring into life with your decisions, choices, interests, etc. and it can all be so overwhelming. I would know, I’m 25!

It’s the age where you feel like you’re beginning to become something or someone, establishing your mark, and learning to get into the bigger things that life has to offer and yet trying to be humble about all of it.

You’re no longer a child and maturity is your only crown.

There are so many things that we learn to do by the time we are 25. But there are some that are just non-negotiable.

  1. Finding hobbies that you enjoy the most
Finding hobbies that you enjoy the most

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This is the most important one, and hence the first. Life is slowly beginning to turn into busy days and stressful times, with work and crazy schedules to worry about and a lifestyle that tries very hard to shut out some quality down time. Finding hobbies that you really love is very essential for your mood and reducing those stress levels that keep popping from time to time. Finding time to do these hobbies is a really important way to reconnect with yourself and stay pleasant and productive!

  1. Cutting out toxic relationships from your life

Cutting out toxic relationships from your life

You need to be able to know by now who are the ones who really love you and support you, and those who are just toxic and suck the life right out of you. It is important to make these distinctions and then cut the toxic ones out of your life because if they are not helping you move forward and just holding you back, then there’s absolutely no reason to be associated with them. You need positivity and life around you. This is even true with the creeper called social media. It is important to see where and how you spend your time, because that shapes your thoughts and actions. Do you need a detox?

  1. Learning to manage finances

Learning to manage finances

This is one of the most difficult things I have had to learn. It’s easy when you live off of your parent’s money, but when it comes to managing your own, it’s just crazy. Taking care of your rent, the groceries, the bills, the parties you want to oh so badly go to every weekend but have to control because you can’t afford it…the list goes on. It takes a while, but once you’ve mastered the art of managing your finances every month and even saving every month, it will be the best feeling ever! Being able to look out for opportunities that could earn you some extra bucks, like a part time job (which could also help in enhancing your skills and experience) helps a ton in your savings. This makes you feel even more productive and the feeling that you can take care of yourself. That’s the best.

Yep, it’s tough, but helps you constantly grow into the mature you. And that’s a wonderful feeling!

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