This 5-Month-Old Baby Has Visited All 50 States In The US

At 5-month-old of age, most babies are usually crawling, making sounds and crying (lots of it).

But Harper Yeats has joined the All Fifty States Club! Yes, she is the youngest known person to have achieved this.

According to CBS News, Harper’s parents, Cindy Lim and Tristan Yeats, decided to turn their paternal leave into an adventure road trip in the United States, as a means to bond with their newest family member. They packed their bags in June and started their trip by first visiting Maine. Harper was eight weeks old at the time.

The couple planned to visit 31 states in this trip, as they had already been to 19 states previously.

“We didn’t set out on this trip trying to set a record,” Lim said. “We always had a shared personal goal of visiting all 50 states before Harper came along.”

During their road trip, they learned about the All Fifty States Club website, according to which the current record-holder visited all the states before age 3. That’s when the idea struck them. They realized that if they took Harper to all 50 states, she would break the record and become the youngest known person to achieve that feat.

Their adventure road trip of bonding went from visiting 31 states to starting all over again and taking Harper to all 50 states.

“We always agreed that if at any time Harper wasn’t coping with the travel, we would just go home. Fortunately, however, things have been going really well and we are all having a great time together,” Lim said.

The family stayed in home rentals as they drove across the country, and flew to Alaska and Hawaii. Every stop came with a cute little photograph of Harper with the state’s welcome sign posted on Instagram.

As fun as the trip was, it was also pretty challenging for the family. Even though Harper is a very happy and outgoing baby, it was necessary to schedule breaks at the right times so that the little one does not get over-stressed.

The photographs and videos taken through the trip will help Harper remember the one importantly adventurous trip of her life (thanks to her parents).

“We hope she will feel very loved. We hope that she will see that we took a chance and did something despite how hard everyone told us it would be, and that this knowledge will give her confidence that she can do anything she puts her mind to,” her mother said.

Harper’s record has also made it into the applications for the Guinness World Records.


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