How about attending a party with flashy bow-tie


This company has introduced this through a starter pack of 10 DIY crafts, in which you can make 10 flashy bow ties using the material given the DIY starter kit.

These days being different is new cool, especially when you are going for a party or a fun place, where you need to dress up with something different.

Natasha Dzurny company TechnoChic makes DIY tech ties is a company that offers ties that glow and gives the person a high tech look. Usually we all get bored of wearing those old fashioned clothes and look for something unusual and these type of items can give us some other choices and try new things.

flashy bow ties with led


The tie comes in three colors and the bow-tie is powered with LED lights to give the super blinking look.

flashy bow tie diy

These flashy ties are perfect for parties and events which surely make you stand out of the crowd.

So how to make them? Well, check out the video below and if you wish to buy them then click here.

Source : Kickstarter


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