Remodel That Old Baby Crib For Your Home Décor

Photo by Nynne Schrøder

You know a crib is of no use when your baby does not fit inside it anymore. And boy, do they outgrow their cribs real fast! It then feels like just yesterday you built that beautiful crib for your baby.

But what do you do with the crib? Wait till you have your next child? Give it off to a relative or friend who might need it? Sell it off to someone? Or better, do you remodel it into something fancy and cool for your house décor? The last option sure sounds like the best out of all, hands down!

There are so many different ideas you could put to practical use for a crib that’s no longer needed in your house. Here’s presenting some of the best ones you will definitely fall in love with –

  1. Porch Swing
A baby crib can be remodeled to make an amazing porch swing.


A baby crib can be remodeled to make an amazing porch swing. You can paint it to match your home colors and everybody can enjoy this cute little swing right at the porch while reading the newspaper in the mornings, having a cup of tea over some conversations, reading a book in the evenings, enjoying the view from the house as the sun sets, etc.


  1. Bookshelf
baby crib Create your own bookshelf

Create your own bookshelf! One of the best uses of an old crib. Customize it with fun colours and labels and you have your favourite shelf ready with easy access to your books.

  1. Desk

Probably the easiest way to use an old crib is to turn it into your child’s desk for school work, projects, etc. This doesn’t require much work and is a fancy addition to your child’s room.


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