4 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For Your Health

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I LOVE travelling. It is just so much fun! More than the destinations, I think the journey is the best part about it. The adventure, rush, adrenaline, and everything that just takes over you as you get closer to your destination. The people you meet on the way, the wonderfully exotic things you see, the transitions you feel in the cultures of all the places that you pass by…it all just gets etched in your memory and you’re already scripting a story for people back home even before you have reached your destination. It’s marvelous.

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But apart from being fun and exciting, travelling is also a major contributor to the well-being of our bodies and minds.

Yes! When you travel, you are also giving your health a boost. Here’s how –

  1. Travelling decreases stress

Vacations are important to refresh and restore. That’s the whole idea of people taking breaks and vacations from work and studies. It allows the body to just relax and unwind, an opportunity to loosen up and take a break from the daily chaotic schedule it gets so used to and tired of. Be it physical health or mental, traveling helps refresh and renew both.

  1. Creativity and confidence is enhanced

Going to new places and exploring them makes you get out of your comfort zone and it challenges you to do things differently, more creatively. You probably wouldn’t have even thought of doing them that way if you weren’t on that trip! Traveling to new places, especially overseas, also boosts one’s confidence as you are in a completely different place and you must figure stuff out on your own, which invokes a sense of courage and self-confidence.

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  1. New things keep the brain fit

An integral part of brain’s health involves enriched sensory stimulation. When you travel, you have the opportunity to sense new things like change of view, cultures, tastes, smells, and just getting out of your usual routines makes your brain happy. All your senses excited and refreshed play a huge role in your brain’s health and traveling just gives that to you!

  1. Traveling and vacationing leads to happier and healthier lives

According to various international health centres and reports, it is said that those who go on vacations or camping outdoors or take breaks from time to time do better with mental and emotional health. Overall, they are healthier and happier. Surely the adventure of the travel has got to do something with it. At least I would like to think so. 😊

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