5 Reasons Why Swimming Is Your Best Summer Workout

Summers can be very challenging when it comes to working out. The heat just drains you out and that is such a turn off for whatever workout motivation you try to incorporate!

The blazing sun makes it next to impossible to event think about going for a run or getting out your perfectly cozy airconditioned home to hit the gym.

Say hello to swimming! This is the perfect example of hitting two birds with one stone. You not only will be escaping the heat but also getting your workout done!

Swimming Is Your Best Summer Workout

Now, you don’t need to think about the heat when thinking about your body! Here’s how –

  1. A full body workout

No one can disagree that swimming is a great full body workout exercise. So many muscle movements are activated at once with the various strokes – breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle, sidestroke and backstroke. Practicing all these strokes in one swimming session gives the body a great workout! And well, the joy of splashing around in the pool is such a heavenly feeling during the summers.

  1. Cardio workout

Swimming is also a great cardio exercise! It works on resistance for the muscles and builds up strength which lets the body to increase metabolism and therefore, burn calories. According to experts, one hour of a swimming session can burn up to 500 calories. So, build some muscles and burn some calories!

  1. Low-stress levels

One other great health benefit that swimming has is that it reduces stress. Since swimming increases the blood flow to the brain, this process makes the brain to replace and restore cells which regulates the circulatory system in the body. Also, the exercise of swimming is responsible for releasing endorphins in the brain which leaves you happy and healthy after swimming.

  1. Flexibility

Swimming also increases flexibility in the body as the body movements in the water make help in stretching the muscles. You wanna be more flexible? Swimming can get you that in place of stretching exercises, with loads of other benefits!

  1. Low impact

While you’re exercising via swimming, you don’t have to worry about how gravity would have an effect on your workout because when you’re in water, you are 90 percent lighter. So this is actually a low impact option for your workout, if you are looking for one. If you don’t want any vigorous workout routines and want something low, swimming is your answer. Not to underestimate swimming as an option because it is maybe the best workout for anyone actually!

Ready to jump into the pool, or what?


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