3 Reasons Why Children Should Be Encouraged To Play Sports

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Sports should never be underestimated. They are instrumental in keeping one healthy, productive and in the long run, keep moving up the ladder of success.

If involved since childhood, sports can teach children so many life lessons that as they grow older, they are prepared and ready to face a lot of things that life throws at them.

children playing football
Photo by Lukas (Pexels)

According to experts, parents should encourage their children into sports, obviously the kind the children like and are interested in and keep them motivated to grow in and through the sports. When children are into sports they like, they are happier and happier means healthier. This brings about a lot of great benefits for the children. Here’s what they are:

  1. Perseverance

Sports, due to its competitive nature, comes with physical hurts. These hurts either make you or break you. Usually parents get concerned with the physical hurts that can be caused during sports but it is these hurts and pain that the children face which develops their character and makes them stronger. As they say, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. Being able to persevere and push through even when you’re in pain teaches determination and the attitude of not quitting till you reach the finish line. This goes a long way in life.

  1. Sports and academics

Usually parents think that if their children get involved in sports it distracts them from their academics and brings them down in their grades. It is actually not that way, if you find the balance. In fact, sports boost the child’s academics to higher levels. According to experts, sports help children to build a sense of focus, discipline, time and being organized. This in turn affects their studies too. They are able to focus better and manage their time well in academics. Being competitive helps them work harder for good grades too. Also, being involved in sports reduces the compulsive need that children have these days to play video games. They prefer being outdoors and play real games that build them up.

  1. Confidence

Sports is the best teacher when it comes to the lesson of ‘believe in yourself’. Self esteem and confidence are something that take time to be developed in an individual and a sport can do that beautifully, as opposed to a teacher trying to teach them to a classroom. To keep pressing on, to accept success and defeat with grace, to respect your team and your opponent, to give your best even if it hurts, to be a team player, to show your team through your actions that they have your back. Champions are those who are able to believe in themselves and their teams. And these are the ones who are champions in life too.

3 Reasons Why Children Should Be Encouraged To Play Sports 1
Photo by Hoang Le (Pexels)


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