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Places visitors banned to enter, here is Top Ten Places in the world

Ilha da Queimada Grande also known as Snake Island

The world is such a big place with many wonderful places that we all want to visit. We all dream about going and seeing exciting new places and sometimes our dreams do come true. But on the other hand, there are some very strange places in the world which remain forbidden to visitors. These places remain out of bounds due to security reasons both for the inhabitants and the visitors. We give you the list of  top ten places in this world that nobody is allowed to enter or places visitors banned.

1. North Sentinel Island, India

While you will be able to enter the island, it’s guaranteed that you will not come out of it alive. It’s because Sentinelese people who inhabit the tiny island of North Sentinel have rejected all types of communication with outsiders repeatedly and they protect their land violently when anybody wants to establish contact or even if they drift into the island by mistake.

North Sentinel Island, India
North Sentinel Island, India

2.  Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City 

Did the Dan Brown books ignite your curiosity for the Vatican and its secrets? Well, your curiosity is well founded then. The Vatican Secret Archives were separated from the Vatican Library, where scholars had some very limited access to the state papers, correspondence, papal account books,and many other documents which the church has accumulated over the centuries.  Parts of the Secret Archives remain truly secret, however, some materials are still prohibited for outside viewing, including everything dated after 1939.

Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City
Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City
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