Did you know that there are places in this world where you can sleep in a bubble?



This is for those adventure loving, nature loving souls who want to be up close and personal with nature and want to experience the wild from near. Wait no more for there are now places which provides bubble domes in the wilderness where you can stay.

Looking for something different while you travel next time? Tired of staying in the same old boring hotels made of cement and stones? Well then, this article is for you.  A lot of unusual resorts and hotels exist that offer different arrangements and experiments for travel enthusiasts who are looking for something which is not usually offered.

But the kind of unusual offers and experiments that we are talking about here right now is out of this world. Trust me you will be blown away when you read about these places.

This makes you feel as if you are one with nature. Let’s start our list:

1. The 5 Million Star Hotel, Iceland

bubble domes Iceland

If you’re a fan of watching the stars and counting them while you fall asleep, this place is for you. Imagine yourself just lying under the stars and watching the beautiful phenomenon of auroras borealis or Northern Lights as they are often called. The bubble domes are well ventilated and hasvea heating system to keep you warm. The stars are best viewed on a cold winter night but don’t worry if stars are not your type. You can always come in the summers and be close to nature, exotic birds, butterflies and some gorgeous midnight sun scenery.

bubble domes Icelandbubble domes Iceland

2. Forest Domes by Finn Lough situated in Northern Ireland 

bubble domes northern Ireland

180° transparent walls allowing you to truly immerse yourself within the beauty and tranquility of nature. These Forest Domes comes with classy furniture and telescope to give you both the comfort and adventure that you need.

3. Dome Garden, UK

bubble domes UK

They have 11 insulated geodesic domes or rather tents. This gives you the joys of camping and also the comfort of the luxury hospitality.

bubble domes UK

Ads that describe the product so aptly 1

Ads that describe the product so aptly

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