Its surprising, that people did try to travel with these items

While traveling there is somehow or the other there are some incidence we never forget. Sometime we miss the flight and sometime the flight is delayed because of some reason. In most of the cases the flight also get delayed because the passengers carry the stuff which is not allowed. Then obviously the security personnel would need to check the bags and this will eventually delay our flight.

As passengers we get irritated because of all these checks at the airports but these are very essential for our safety.

Let see what all things people tried to carry while traveling and some are really shocking

#1. People actually tried to carry marijuana bags while traveling. This is absolutely no no while traveling, what these guys where thinking when they checked-in. We are sure that security personnel must be having more questions about these items.

Its surprising, that people did try to travel with these items 1
Instagram/ TSA

#2. How about a lobster: Well, carrying a lobster in a plane may not be prohibited. We sure there must be some rules of packing the food. Specially the lobster, look at the size, imagine this in the x-ray of baggage.

lobster confiscated airport by TSA
TSA /Instagram


#3. Knife: We know that knives are not allowed in the planes and if you are carrying one then make sure it is in check-in baggage and not in carry-on baggage. The concealed knife is also prohibited and if found in your carry-on baggage then it may cause lot of trouble to you. May be ven be arrested for that, so be mindful.

knife confiscated tsa airport
Instagram/ TSA

#4. You would be surprised that one passenger was carrying a cat in the luggage. Wow, how can someone do this in first place. This 6 months old kitten was discovered by Transport Security Administration (TSA). It can’t be be accident and any living being should not be treated like this. Forget the question about its prohibited or not.

cat in the baggage found by tsa
TSA /Instagram


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