Pay Attention To These 8 Emotions Of Your Dog. Yes, They Feel Them Too!

Photo by Alexandru Rotariu

Every dog, like humans, experience emotions. This is one thing we all must keep in mind, whether we have dogs as pets or even when we come across them on the streets. Mostly we only think that dogs are either happy, sad or angry but there is much more to these three emotions. Dogs experience so many more sides of the emotional roller-coaster and knowing them can help understand our friends better, take care of them better and love them better.

Photo by Johann

Their behaviors and body language are key to understand their emotions and being able to respond to them in a timely and accurate manner.

Here are the emotions a dog majorly experiences and pay close attention because tending to these emotions is essential in taking care of them and loving them.

  1. Joy

This emotion is not hard to notice. All the tail wagging and the happy huffing they do when they get to see you after a long day is to let you know that they are just so glad. Share in that joy with them!

  1. Fear

Fear is a very familiar emotion for dogs. They are strong and fierce, but also fearful. If they tuck their tails in, move backwards, roll on their backs or get defensive, they are trying to tell you that they are scared. Be there for them in such times and try to understand what’s causing the fear. Help them relax.

  1. Frustration

Yep, it’s not just us humans that get frustrated! Dogs can get pretty frustrated too. Barking, pacing up and down, whining is all signs of frustration from a restless dog. Communication is the key to overcome this frustration.

  1. Anxiety

If a dog has had a difficult past, anxiety is a prominent emotion for them. They find it hard to unwind, they pant with their lips pulled back, have dilated pupils, sleep at abnormal hours of the day. If your dog is showing these symptoms, then you must take them to a vet to examine the conditions more closely.

  1. Anticipation

Who does not like an excited dog?! Well, anticipation varies from dog to dog, but it mostly is them prancing away to glory when they know its time to play, or they just freeze with excitement. Some even whine. You know the excitement your dog displays. It’s always easy to tell.

  1. Love

We all know about a dog’s love. It is pure, innocent and beautiful. They find comfort in you, and you can tell by their body language that they really do cherish you! Warming up next to you, seeing your attention and wanting you to pet them, taking care of you in terms of helping you with your daily routine. It’s the love, you guys.

  1. Possessiveness

Dogs are possessive. They do not their things to be taken away from them. Not even their people. If something is theirs, you better not touch it or they might just pounce on you like a lion, with jealously rushing through their veins.

  1. Sadness and Loneliness

Sadness and loneliness are seen in dogs when they sleep more than often, bark at night or if left alone, sulking. If your dog is showing signs of depression, then you should take them to a vet to find out why and a diagnosis to help them come out of it.

It is very important that we realize that the emotions our dogs display need our attention and care. These emotions may seem casual or temporary, but they are the very reflections of our dog’s emotional and mental being. If we are able to understand the emotions they feel, it so much more easier to love them and understand their adorable little (or huge) selves!

Photo Ilargian Faus


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