See health benefits when you go outdoor in Nature

Photo by Amanda Phung (Unsplash)

Getting outdoors is a task for some of us. It is not so appealing to think of taking the effort to get out of bed, getting dressed and heading outside when your bed is calling out to you, looking comfier than ever. ESPECIALLY DURING WINTERS.

It is very important for our mental and physical health to spend time outdoors and take in all that nature gives. Here are some reasons you should definitely schedule some time for the outdoors in your daily routine. These are hard to argue with!

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D, that we get from sunlight, is very important for our body and bones as it helps increase calcium and phosphorus levels in our system and in turn boosts our immunity. About 15-20 min of daily sunlight is enough for the summers, but during winters we may need more. So, getting out in the winters is more important. I know, it’s a task. Sigh.

  1. Exercise, duh

Every day waking will do it! If you take some time for a short 20-minute walk every day, you will be helping your body get some good exercise to keep the blood flow and the working of your organs in good shape. You would even go to a nearby park and work out with the community equipment there! No need for gyms.

See health benefits when you go outdoor in Nature 1
Photo by Andres Iga (Unsplash)
  1. Anxiety is reduced, concentration is increased

Bid stress and anxiety goodbye with your outdoor plans! Being surrounded by nature and breathing in the fresh air can take the stress load off your shoulders. You will feel more pleasant, relaxed, calm and focused. Even when you are working, having a window that looks out to the natural environment, with some sunlight seeping in, or even having plants within your home/office helps reduce anxiety and stress, increasing concentration for better productivity!

  1. Socializing

Staying at home can be comfy and everything but it can also make you feel lazy and bored, and maybe even sad. Getting outdoors is the best way to get that refreshing feeling moving through your body and building up positive energy. When you are outside, it is not just nature and good air that you spend time with, you also go out to meet people, making plans for dates, picnics, hangouts, etc. Having a community wherever you are is very important for your emotional and mental health. It really makes you feel like you have a family beyond what that term means, and the relationships that you develop only get stronger.

  1. Better sleep

Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? Well, getting some outdoor magic in your daily routine will get you that lovely sleep. Spending some time outdoors each day is important because that helps your body set your sleep cycle because the cells in your eyes need to absorb natural light to be able to help you sleep well at night.

So, get dressed and go out. There are too many good things out there!

See health benefits when you go outdoor in Nature 2
Photo by Laura Pratt (Unsplash)
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