You should not miss this Hanging Mini Washing Machine, It is so cool

To make home spacious we need things which are smaller, efficient and useful as the bigger ones are.

This is true that the size of the house are also become smaller and smaller and if keep big equipment then they take up lot of space.

Admit it, that washing washing machine is one the most important equipment these days.

So here what Samsung has developed with collaborating with designer Jang Wonkyun, a mini washing Machine which we can hang on the wall.

The Mini appliance is built for people who live alone or have less clothes to wash.

The Machine also has a drying system that it uses its motor heat air to dry the clothes hanged just below the Machine, this technique won’t use extra power. Further, using this technique clothes may also not required to be ironed.

Sadly, it is just a prototype for now and Samsung can only tell when they can make this product available.


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