Are You A Mature Adult? Let These 4 Signs Confirm That For You

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Everyone talks about adulting like it’s the hardest thing to step into. It sure is tough, but honestly, we all grow into it if we handle our adult life situations wisely and with responsibility. Transitioning into adulthood from being a child in college is the tricky part, and we all know it’s not a piece of cake. It takes time, understanding the hard way how life works, realizations (lots of them) and being put into situations that we need to handle on our own.

But hey, we all get through, don’t we?

Some people are naturals and smoothly transition into adulthood, but for some, it is a difficult process and it takes a lot of effort and energy.

Well, here are 4 signs that confirm if you are an adult or not. Check them out and know for sure if you are a mature adult or still need some work.

  1. You start planning things

Planning and decision making are the top at maturing. You learn to allocate time to different aspects of your life and decide on the major things in your life. You make lists of things you need to and what to do – for your daily routine and also planning ahead for the month. You control your time and the way you want to spend it.

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  1. You listen to your parents more and have grown-up conversations

You start spending more time with your parents and it’s a time of realization dawning on you where you understand things from your parents’ point of view and have grown-up conversations with them about the important things concerning you and your family. You have mature talks about things that matter and identify with them more.

  1. You start earning money

You are now a working professional and start to supply for yourself! Now you don’t need to depend on your parents for money but earn it for yourself and manage it for all your expenses. The managing money part is where the real adulting lies. The way you manage your money says a lot about you adulting! Thoughtful spending and keeping a tab on your expenses are the way to go.

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  1. You start saving

Spending money is easy, but responsible saving is what a mature adult would do. Once you start working a steady job, you start to earn money. Adulting includes thinking of the future and that involves saving money. You learn to save money for your future – planning for a family, house, etc., and also for your daily needs. Saving money is a slow gradual process, a discipline that a mature adult cultivates to build a stable and secure life.

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Adulting is not easy. But it is an exciting process that comes with so many benefits like learning how to be independent and responsible, building a career and just growing stronger with every challenge that life throws your way. It makes you brave to stand up on your two feet and invites you into a world of infinite possibilities that you can explore and enjoy!


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