Life saving hacks: Easy tips that can save lives

Life Hacks

The world is a scary place and it would be handy if you know some life saving hacks or tips. Every day the news brings more and more bad news of people being kidnapped, shot, women being raped etc. It can happen to anyone-to you or to someone close to you. Sometimes a small thing that you did or did not do can come between your life and death.

We don’t know when something bad will happen to us-it may not even happen but that does not mean that we do not take precautions. Here are some Life saving hacks or tips that experts believe will one day save your life:

1. When in a hostile situation-run:

Life saving hacks tips run

It may sound obvious but sometimes we tend to forget the obvious even if it is staring at us right in front of our nose. So if at any time you are faced with a hostile person or situation, don’t stand and stare, just start running away as fast as you can.

2. Always listen to your instincts:

Life saving hacks tips brain intuition

We all have instincts that immediately warn us of some imminent danger. If you get that feeling, don’t ignore it. Listen to what your instincts tell you.

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