Apple iPhone 8 is coming in 2017 and check out its Leaks and Rumours

Via- AppleInsider

Apple iPhone, People are still getting hold of Apples iPhone 7 and  iPhone 7 plus but talks, leaks, rumours of iPhone 8 are already in full swing.

In 2017, Apple iPhone will complete its ten years since Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone. Apple is all set to unveil iPhone 8 in 2017, most likely in the month of September.

It is believed that iPhone 8 will get a major redesign, internally and externally, from new processor A11 to glass body, edge to edge design, no home button and what not.

Rumoured Specification

Glass body –  Curved glass back –  Size either 5.1″-5.2″
Edge-to-edge display – No Bezel 
Camera and Touch ID integrated in display
No Home button
Wireless charging
Faster A11 processor
OLED display
Three models – One OLED, two standard

The cost of iPhone 8 is not known at the moment, but it wont come cheap anyway going by past experience. The features of the rumoured phone are impressive, specially the edge to edge display which means no bezel and no home button which will ensure maximum utilisation of the screen display. The body is to be of glass and Apple has also in the past  used glass body in iPhone 4 and 4S. The main issue with glass body is that it tends to break if it falls from a distance but there is quite an improvement in this field with the availability of gorilla glass.  However, we should not worry about this much because Apple would surely test and take good care to keep the phone sturdy.

Via- AppleInsider

Being the 10th anniversary of its iPhone series  in 2017, we are sure Apple will leave no stone unturned to keep the new iPhone 8’s features on a completely different level.


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