Instagram Is Flooding With Christmas Tree Eyebrows This Christmas Season

It is the season of lights and love, hot chocolate and the Christmas tree by the fire place, with presents underneath the tree. It sure is a very busy festive season but we don’t know how to react to these trending Christmas tree eyebrows. Yep, you heard it right! CHRISTMAS TREE EYEBROWS!

As everyone is gearing up with presents, new clothes, decorations, party plans, etc. these Christmas tree eyebrows are becoming a thing among the Instagram community! People are decorating their eyebrows as horizontal Christmas trees this season and honestly, we don’t know what to say! Typically, it is the glittery eyeshadow and red lipstick that comes to mind while thinking about holiday make-up. But this is next level.

The look was kicked off by Instagrammer @taytay_xx, who decked up her eyebrows like horizontal Christmas trees. She made the hair on her brows flare out like the branches of a tree. For decoration on the trees (her eyebrows) she used tiny coloured rhinestones like ornaments. She also used a small golden star at the tail end to top the tree and give it a finished look.

“Christmas tree eyebrows … yes or no?” she wrote in the caption.

Now, the internet went crazy at this post, not knowing how to respond. Some people loved the look while others had a hard time accepting the Christmas tree eyebrows.

“We must have tree brows for friendsmas,” one person commented.

“I hate everything about them,” another person wrote.

“They’re adorable and fun,” someone else wrote. “Can everyone learn to live a little? Geez.”

While there were mixed reactions in the internet community, this trend picked up real quick and escalated sky-high.

With every person who copied the look, there is improvisation and each one looks like a masterpiece, a work of art!

Christmas Tree Eyebrows
Via: dianeboydbeauty / IG

Some had snow falling on their Christmas tree eyebrows. Some even went ahead and added LED lights to their, because the sparkle and gems decorations were just not good enough.

There was one Instagrammer who took the extra mile of wearing green contact lenses just so her eyes matched with her Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas Tree Eyebrows
Mila’s Stuff / IG

“I’ve never felt as ready for Christmas as I am today,” one Instagrammer who copied the look wrote.

How do you like these Christmas tree eyebrows? Enough to try them out? If doing both the eyebrows is difficult for you, then maybe you could try on just one, like this Instagrammer did –

Christmas Tree Eyebrows
Karolina / IG



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