Elon Musk thinking too far to turn Humans into Bionic Hybrids?

Elon Musk has come up with yet another interesting and unconventional project. The 45 year old South African entrepreneur has recently announced to the world that he would be providing updates on the neural lace project. The project attempts at improving the capability of human mind with cybernetic augmentation.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

The race to perfect neural networks has led to the surpassing of humans by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in many ways. AIs have been heard to beat humans at complex games like poker and Go, easily and more effectively identify disease markers, even drive our cars better. However, such development in AI is not always good. This has led to a few tech leaders worried about humanity’s place in a machine driven world and the potential catastrophe which could result from an AI gone rogue.

Elon Musk, Stephen Hawkinng and Steve Wozniak have cautioned the tech industry to be careful while working with AI. Apart from that Musk’s latest project seeks to give humanity an edge over AI. His neural lace project seeks to enhance the human mind by combining it with artificially intelligent systems, creating a hybrid that would have an AI’s processing power with the addition of the moral and ethical reasoning of a human being.

Bionic Hybrids

Neural lace is a bionic device that would be inserted into the brain and which would grow over time. Its primary function would be to optimise mental output through a brain-computer interface. In theory, with this in your head, you’d be able to access the Internet without the need for an external smart device, and even process complex calculations as fast as a supercomputer.

Not much details are available right now regarding the status of Musk’s neural lace project but it is believed that from February 2017, Musk himself will provide new updates on this very revolutionary project. We’ll make sure we keep you updated too.


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