Here you travel to Lapland

Lapland is the largest region of Finland. The population of 3.4% of the Finland population and least densely populated in the Country. Lapland is a skier’s paradise, whether you are professional or learner, both can enjoy the place. Ever wanted to ride Santa ’s reindeer? then this place you just can’t miss.

Well specially in winter, the place is a paradise. The thrill of observing the Aurora Borealis or polar light, a unique natural phenomenon is a once in a lifetime experience, Just get hooked to the blazing colours in the sky. In northern Lapland the lights shine about every other clear night between September and March.

Take look

Although the Aurora looks reachable but its actually forms at an altitudes of over 100 km.

Aurorasis a natural light display in the sky and are caused by electronically charged particles.

Nice place to sleep.

Reindeer ride can give you exceptional thrill.

Camping can be fun in Lapland.

And if you are not aware that the Santa Clause is from Lapland, Finland, although location is unknown 🙂


Visit Lapland Finland !

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