Health and Fitness Benefits of Body Stretching

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Stretching is by far the easiest and the best thing to do that helps keep your blood flowing through your body. It is very helpful and beneficial for body functioning but so underrated by most people. Nobody thinks of stretching as an actual exercise, but just as a warm-up, like a poor appetizer that gets pushed aside when the main course comes onto the table.

A lot of us do not realize the importance of stretching and how it can change the game when it comes to fitness and health. So, here are just a few of the many reasons why we should be stretching every day!

  1. Gets your circulation going

Stretching helps with improving the body’s blood circulation which is so important to distribute oxygen and blood through our systems to keep us healthy and lively. Through the day, if you stretch from time to time, like say 2-3 times, that would make a difference in your blood flow and you won’t feel as tired as you generally do. This is important as most of us have desk jobs and the lack of circulation can lead to clots and worse health conditions.

  1. Help get rid of body pain

The feeling of muscle pulls and spasms ain’t pretty. They are mean and super disturbing to your day to day activities. To get rid of such pain or best, to avoid them and any other kind of swelling or pain you might get in your muscles, stretching is your go-to! Some light yoga or stretching exercises can really help your muscles relax from the tension and stiffness, giving you the relief you need.

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  1. Brings down blood pressure

Here’s a big one. Regular stretching, especially the exercise where you bend down to touch your toes without bending your knees, can help decrease your blood pressure levels as it helps the heart exercise too! The veins and arteries stay flexible this way. Stretching can also bring down hypertension as it calms the body, releasing stress and tension.

  1. The sustained function of movement

Stretching regularly will give you the long-term benefit of mobility. That’s something to look forward to old age! Stretching helps keep our muscles flexible and in good shape which reduces the chances of our bodies going stiff and immobile when old age comes knocking. Of course, there are other factors that affect this body function of mobility, but the exercise helps sustain and preserve the range of motion in our bodies, and that’s something we all definitely want to have!

The last one did get you thinking, right? Well, it’s a good reason to stretch. And not to forget, it helps warm-up for your daily workout. So, happy stretching!


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