Google next step in machine learning, identifying objects in a video

Machine learning is something that is touted as the next thing in the tech industry. That the computer will be able to learn by itself, it basically a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In recent past there has been some notable developments in this area.

google next conference San Francisco 2017

At San Francisco cloud next conference, Google introduced a new machine learning API that will be able to recognize the objects in a video.

What is this ? as you know that computer can recognize the objects in still images/ pictures but the problem is being able to pick and identify objects in a video.

This new machine learning API will help identifying entities in a video. What exactly it means ? for example there is a cat in a video, so computer will be able to identify that there is a cat in a video.

In the past, videos has been an obstacle for machine learning but this development is very important from AI point of view, to pick up entities from a video and making machine understand the overall content of the video.

machine google learning api - Google next step in machine learning, identifying objects in a video

This is just at a development stage, so if you are developer and interested for signing up for this, visit here.

You can see things in action here.


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