Know your dog avatar you would be according to your Zodiac sign

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If you have ever thought about what animal you would be if you were born as one, here’s helping you find out what dog breed you would be according to your zodiac sign.

  1. Aquarius

You are tough, gleaming with energy and very smart in almost everything you do. You are also very versatile and there is pretty much nothing that you cannot do.

You are a Papillon.

papillon dog
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  1. Pisces

You are independent and usually someone who’s quiet, with your head in the clouds. No one really knows what you usually think about. You’re a bit of a mystery soul.

You are a Chow Chow.

Know your dog avatar you would be according to your Zodiac sign 1
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  1. Aries

You are strong and loyal, someone who is a leader. You are pretty influential and looked up to by others.

You are a King German Shepherd.

King German Shepherd
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  1. Taurus

You just adore food. You are small yet strong and value loyalty very deeply. You remain loyal to one specific person all of your life.

You are a Red/Blue Heeler.

blue heeler dog
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  1. Gemini

You always want to get on the next thing in your life. Everything is always unpredictable with you and you never can tell what’s going to happen next.

You are a Corgi.

corgi dog winter
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  1. Cancer

You are very protective of your loved ones. You are known to be gentle and someone who can be counted on, a good friend.

You are a Collie.

Collie dog closeup
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  1. Leo

You are someone who demands attention and want to be loved. You are also very loyal and protective of those who are special to you. Being sweet is another characteristic you possess.

You are an African Mastiff.

African Mastiff
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  1. Virgo

You are amazingly smart and always look for opportunities to please someone. You like to do things perfectly and in order. You are fearless.

You are a Doberman.

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  1. Libra

You are tough, but very friendly. You are very observant and double check everything before acting on things. You never make a move without being absolutely sure about it.

You are a West Highland White Terrier.

West Highland White Terrier
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  1. Scorpio

You are someone who is mysterious. You seem to be intimidating when people first meet you, even if you’re not.

You are a Great Dane.

great dane dog
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  1. Sagittarius

You are super active. You would find any reason to be outdoors and enjoy travelling a lot.

You are an Australian Sheppard.

Australian Sheppard puppies
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  1. Capricorn

You are hardworking and smart in everything you do. You don’t like to quit and are very determined.

You are a Standard Poodle.

standard poodle
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Find any similarities?


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