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Aww!! Quintuplets

Kim Tucci gave birth to quintuplets in January 2016. The photo shoot of these babies with their mother was done recently and these pictures were released.

Quintuplets 2 - Aww!! Quintuplets

Tucci’s quintuplets’ names are Beatrix, Penelope, Allie, Tiffany, and Keith. Kim Tucci wrote in her blog “50 fingers 50 toes, 6 hearts beating at once. My body fought the toughest of battles to get five babies here safely. Everything I did I did for them“.

Look at these adorable babies

Quintuplets 4 - Aww!! QuintupletsQuintuplets 3 - Aww!! Quintuplets

The Tucci family wants to buy a Van for the family so that everyone can fit in and to achieve this they have set up a crowdfunding initiative on to raise funds. Kim Tucci blog Surprised by Five.

Quintuplets 1 - Aww!! Quintuplets

Photo Credits: Erin Elizabeth Photography


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