3 Great Apps To Help You Drink Enough Water Daily

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Drinking water is something we forget so easily. Unless you are super dehydrated and about to faint with your head spinning. That’s a little too late to remember. Don’t you think?

Cultivating a habit of drinking enough water every day is so essential for proper body functioning and keeping away from infections and diseases. Yes, it is as simple as drinking enough water daily.

Sometimes, we may overdo the whole drinking water is important concept and drink too much than the “enough”. Well, to stay well-hydrated, there is an approximate amount of water that you should be drinking everyday to keep your body in the best functioning order. And instead of going to a healthcare professional, the healthcare professional can come to you!

Presenting to you three great apps that are genius in keeping track of your daily water intake according to your body functioning and helping you stay healthy and glowing!

  1. Plant Nanny – Google Play store | Apple Store
plant nanny water drinking app
Credit: Plant Nanny

This app is one of the best water drinking reminder apps that you could ask for. It’s a pretty cool idea to have plants in it. The concept is to drink proper amount of water every day to keep your cute little plant alive and help it grow. If you don’t drink enough water, then your plant starts to die. These plants interact with you and depend on you to take care of them by letting you know when they are thirsty. These work as your reminders. You drink water and your plant is happy. Once your plant grows, you can put it away and start growing another one. This way it doesn’t get boring with the same plant and you get to grow your ‘garden’! Cool, right?

  1. My Water Balance 

my water balance logo

My Water Balance helps you see how much water you really are drinking from all the fluids that you drink in a day and how much you should be drinking. It sets a goal and tracks your progress towards that goal, without any unnecessary fluff. It gives you freedom in selecting your reminders and it also helps you understand differences in your overall mood based on how much water you’ve had.

  1. Aqualert – Google Play store | Apple Store

aqualert logo bottle

Aqualert customizes the whole process of water drinking for you. You can choose and change different containers of ounces to suit your needs and it tells you when you are fully hydrated. As you keep meeting your water drinking targets, Aqualert gives you badges to celebrate and help you understand better how you are helping yourself stay healthy. You get a Body Function Badge if you meet your water drinking targets thirteen days in a row, a Skin and Muscle Badge for 27 days, and a Health and Beauty Badge for 99 days. A prize at every accomplishment of water drinking? That sure sounds interesting!

Drinking water is very important and easy to forget. With these fun apps, you can make sure you drink the right amount daily and enjoy the perks of being healthy!

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