See what Apple is doing with Apple Campus 2

apple campus (1)

Apple is building is “Apple Campus 2” an integrated, unified and secure 21st Century campus surrounded by green space. It more look like a spaceship model. The entire Campus, indoors and out, is intended to promote shared creativity and collaboration and spur invention of the next several generations of Apple products.

Apple Campus 2 will  consolidate up to 14,200 Apple employees in one location. and  unified size will be spread out in 176-acre.

Location:  I-280, North Wolfe Road, East Homestead Road and North Tantau Avenue. Cupertino, CA, USA.

apple campus (2)

apple campus (3)


So what the update ? this is the construction site!


Here is a video of the site …

Images from Cupertino City Council.

Information from Cupertino City Council.

Last image by iphonedigital


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