8 Ways To Celebrate Your Relationship, Creatively

Photo by Andrik Langfield

Once you are in a serious relationship and know that your partner is THE ONE for you, you sometimes turn to laziness when it comes to romantic gestures, or just fuelling that fire of passion between the two of you.

Why? Because you no longer need to prove anything to your partner and you know that he/she will be there for you, no matter what. Slowly, you tend to forget that little things matter and therefore start failing to celebrate them.

But here’s giving you some tips (you’re welcome) to keep your relationship alive and passionate, and celebrate it in some fun ways –

  1. A weekend getaway

A weekend getaway is always an amazing way to celebrate your love. Its classic for a reason and works to bring the two of you closer and spend some quality time with each other, away from your routine life and the madness that it brings with it.


  1. Home cooked meals

Light a few candles (they always work in setting the mood), get a bottle of wine, turn the music on and cook a meal together. Some fun cooking in the kitchen and dining together is a great way to celebrate love. It is romantic and sweet.


  1. Go to a concert you both would normally not go to

This gives you an opportunity to do something new, and it could turn into an adventure! It gets you out of your comfort zones and who knows, you might find a new favorite musician/band together!


  1. Go to a wine tasting

Something to do if you like wine. This is a good way for both of you to learn something new together and it feels classy too.


  1. Have seasonal dates

In the springtime, go berry picking together. During summers, go to a beach. When it’s fall, go to a pumpkin patch. As winter approaches and there’s snow, go sledding together. Go out, have a good time and embrace the time you spend with each other.


  1. Take a class together

This could be really fun. You could take a class together, like dancing, pottery, sculpting, learning a musical instrument, etc. This way, you can do something out of the ordinary with your partner and it will be a productive time that you spend with each other while learning something new.


  1. Go go-carting

Go-carting is super fun! You and your partner can bring out your competitive sides (a little competition don’t hurt anyone), and enjoy being together while racing one another. It is not the classic recommendation for a date but can be really exciting and fun.


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