World’s Most Amazing Photos

Someone said a picture is worth a thousand words. No words could be truer.  There are some photographs which are simply out of this world and it’s worth taking a look at some the world’s most amazing photographs.

1.  Two Bullets that collided mid-air in Gallipoli during the First World War

world war 2 bulltets

2. A photo of New Zealand’s Mongrel Club motorcycle gang

3. Starry Starry Night

The area of stars that are visible from Earth compared to the entire Milky Way galaxy

4. Saturn’s North Pole storm

5. Stunt doubles from the Game of Thrones

6. Sneak peek view from the Pyramids of Gaza

7. Pizza upon Pizza

8. A Vet’s office after a horse’s nosebleed

9. Remains of a Roman Soldier

He was killed instantly by the surge cloud caused by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Sword still by his side.

10. Hyatt Shanghai hotel’s Atrium


11. A swamp in Louisiana

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