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WordPress CloudFlare mix can give you result that you never imagined. WordPress is a great platform to start your blog or a website and if your site has lot of images then it is quite possible that site loading time increases due to images. This article is for those people who want to speed up their website using Content Delivery Network (CDN) and don’t want to spend money.

If you have no knowledge of CDN then lets understand through an example.  If you have a website hosted in a server in United States then obviously the site load time will be different for people visiting the site in US and Russia. The site will load faster in US compared to Russia and it is not possible to host site in every region.

WordPress CloudFlare mix

In plain language, CDN is basically a technology in which a company maintains servers in different regions for delivery of your content on demand. When you apply CDN services to your site, the CDN services indexes your images on to their servers across the region and when your site is visited then CDN delivers the request from the nearest server available. It’s like providing the umbrella service.

So coming to the big question, how to speed up your site using a CDN service.

You must have searched online for the service providers and seen that there are a number of players in this market like AWS, MaxCDN, CloudFlare etc. But the problem is that most of these services are paid and we can understand that for person who is running a website on a individual basis, it very hard to opt for these paid services unless your site is making good money for you.

Interestingly CloudFlare offers a free plan where you can sign up for free and apply for CDN services on your site. Even if your are using free plan it will drastically improve the site load time, specially if you are using images in your site. CloudFlare also provides basic security services to fight cyber attack which is included in the free plan.

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Please note we are not associated with CloudFlare or being paid to write this article. We use CloudFlare across our sites and we have found their services to be positive.



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