Meet the street artist Tom Bob with a difference

Tom Bob / Instagram

There is a new kind of art that is out there which is becoming increasingly common everywhere known as street art. Now, you would normally hear of street art in the most critical tones because it is generally thought that they deface public property. Street art mostly tries to make a public statement about the society that the artist lives in.

Tom Bob also wants to make a public statement about the society he is living in and he turned to street art to make his statements. But as you will see below, Tom Bob is a different breed of street artist.

Instead of defacing or vandalising public property, he is on a mission to make existing things look more beautiful and eye-catching. Check out his list of “re-creation” and tell us which one you think is the best!

1. Disney themed fire hydrants!

2. Transformation of the “No Smoking” sign to something like a very efficient multitasking¬† multi-functional robot


3. Monkey band!


4. A blank wall with ugly color? Do not worry. Tom Bob to the rescue or should we say “Popeye to the rescue?”


5. Watches for sale!

6. Octopus out on a date.

7. Don’t forget to brush your teeth.


8. An ugly electrical box turned into Bob Marley.


How talented can one be? Pretty sure Bob Marley would love this!

9. As cheeky and smiley as can be.

Hopefully, it won’t be scary in the dark!!


10. If only all dumpsters looked like one of Tom’s transformations!


11. Talk about broken slabs sending a message about global warming! Interesting.


12. Tired of its job!


13. And the art extends to public men’s toilets as well. The result? It is hilarious.


Hope you had fun, you guys!


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