3 Signs Your Date’s Got Marriage On Their Mind

The dating world has now become very complex. There are so many things to keep in mind, notice, observe, etc as to what you want from a relationship. Is it just for fun? Are you both just hanging out? Friends with benefits? Are you living in the moment, going with the flow? Or are you intentionally pursuing marriage out of the relationship?

It can get very confusing. Everybody wants something or the other out of the relationship and it can be hard to continue in passion and love if the two people want totally different things by being together. It can frustrating, and quite honestly, end up in bad break ups.

It is always good to know what you and the other person wants from relationship – to know what the goal is. Is it just temporary – you are having some fun, or is it serious – you want to grow through your relationship and turn it into a marriage?

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Here are some signs that you will be able to see in your date if they want to be intentional about being with you and want a future with you in marriage –

  1. They talk about settling down

If your conversations include your date talking about marriage and settling down, that means they have a picture in their head about a life partner and are looking to get married sometime soon. There is a spark in their eyes as they talk about finding love and starting a family. And that is what they are likely to desire out of a potential relationship through the date.

  1. They want to know more about you

They are eager to know more about you. They are not distracted or fiddling with their phones but are asking you questions, listening carefully when you talk. They are very interested in knowing you and all your passions and hobbies, your family, your likes and dislikes, etc. This is a way for them to see if they can pursue a serious relationship with you or not, if being together would work out to be great or with potentially zero compatibility based on their mini research on you.

  1. You can rely on them

If you have dated them for a while, you will be able to tell that they always follow through with whatever they say and are always there for you. You know you can trust them because of how they are true to their words and it shows in their actions. They are responsible with all things concerning you and their own lives as well – with work, family, friends, etc. They are not with you just for fun but they want to show you that they want something beyond fun and temporary, they want something serious and promising.


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