See these design fails and will surely blow your mind

Design fails make us think that these designers are really creative. When we see things, some things surprise us and some things make us wonder that who stupid was making all these.

Today we bring to you the most stupid design fails, that will make you wonder that what were these designer were making.  Some of them will give stomach ache by laughing.

1. Could not connect to translator service ? that the hell this board is trying to convey. 

Design fails translator service gone wrong

2. When you want to be sure ? ya right. We can tell that woman is pregnant without the test.

Design fails pregnant without the test

3. Quit School ? wow. And keep on smoking.

Design fails quit smoking

road rage bike kick car

Road Rage, motorcyclist tries to kick a car and see what happens

cashier in Kansas reacts when he was at gunpoint

See how cashier in Kansas reacts when he was at gunpoint