These 5 Childhood Memories Have Got To Be The Best

Photo by Robert Collins

Ah, what I would give to go back to being a kid. Those were the days of innocent smiles, the loudest laughs, the pampering, running out and playing with not a care in the world. Bliss!

Childhood brings back so many memories and we wish that we could relive our favorite ones because those were the times where everything was simple for us and the weight of the world was not upon us. We could be carefree and just not have to worry about anything, really.

Thinking of childhood memories, surely these are some of the amazing ones we could never forget.

  1. Watching cartoons after coming back from school

No one can forget this. The best part of packing up your bag when the school bell rang and running to the school bus, eager to get home just so you can watch your favorite cartoons till the evening. And your mum would let you watch because hey, you just got back from school and you need a break. Right?

  1. Building forts

This was our world. Be it the blankets we used as tents on top of our beds, or the cardboard boxes to build our castles, we were the kings and queens of our forts and we could stay in them all day, talking about everything under the sun with our best friends. Ah, the times.

  1. Chasing the ice cream truck

Remember those days when running behind the ice cream truck was the most exciting part of the day? We would just hear the ice cream truck coming into our neighborhood and that would be it. All of us would be out of our homes with the money in our little hands for that one cone of ice cream.

 ice cream truck
Photo by Florencia Viadana
  1. Playing House and Hide-And-Seek

We all have played house when we were little. It was the standard game where we could be anyone in the family and pretend that we are in control of all family affairs. Sometimes we had to be the annoying aunt or the lazy uncle, but the days that we got to be the coolest family members, that would just be the best. Hide-And-Seek was another game that was a classic. It sure had its different versions as we grew older, but the thrill of the game always overwhelmed us!

  1. Riding our bikes in our neighborhood

When we rode on our bikes around our neighborhood, it was like we owned the place. We would try to be all cool with our gear and friends on either side and just go zooming around. And now we have scars to those memories (some of us at least). Good memories.

Going down the memory lane, what is your favorite childhood memory?


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