The answer to plastic water bottle epidemic: Edible Water Bubbles

We all have this habit of buying bottled water which is available in most convenience stores. Even though, we all know that these plastic bottles are harmful for us as well as for the environment, we cant stop ourselves from buying them because there have been no other alternatives available. Plastic tends to take hundreds of years to decompose and billions of them are made each year in the US alone.

Now, however, due to a new innovation, plastic water bottles could be a thing of the past. This new innovation is called edible water bubbles which were created by a sustainable start-up company based in London. These edible water bubbles are called the Ooho! which are an encasing of a blob of drinking water within an edible membrane which is made out of a seaweed extract. This way there will not be anything left to waste and even if the bubble is left unconsumed, it will bio-degrade fully in 4-6 weeks.

The brains behind this innovative blobs is called Skipping Rocks Lab who consist of a team of engineering graduates who are from RCA and Imperial College London. This ground breaking concept was first introduced in 2013.

To know more about the edible water bubbles, please watch the video below:


Source : Skipping Rocks Lab


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