Most powerful passports in the world – 2016

Passports are most important documents for every citizen of the countries. It proves your identity and enable you to travel to other countries.

But did you know some passports in the world are more powerful than the others ? Yes, some passport gives you privilege to travel without visa in some countries.

Lets checkout the world most powerful passport according to study done by Henley & Partners, a citizenship and planning firm.

powerful passports

#10. Hungary, Czech Republic and Iceland Passport holder get visa free access to 167 countries.

#9. Malta  Passport holder get visa free access to 168 countries.

#8. Australian passport  Passport holder get visa free access to 169 countries.

  #7. Greece and New Zealand passport    – access to 171 countries worldwide .

#6. This place is shared between Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, South Korea and Switzerland.   – access to 172 countries worldwide.


#5.  Austria, Japan and Singapore   – giving access to 173 countries worldwide.

#4. United States, Belgium, Denmark and Netherlands   – giving access to 174 countries worldwide.

 #3. United Kingdom, Finland, France, Italy and Spain.   – giving access to 175 countries worldwide.

 #2. Sweden  – giving access to 176 countries worldwide.

#1. Germany’s Passport is the most powerful   – giving access to 177 countries worldwide.

And the world least powerful passport is of Afghanistan giving visa free access to only 25 countries.

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